About Well Made Music

Greetings from Edinburgh, Scotland. My name is Neil and I produce a fortnightly podcast called Well Made Music. Well Made Music features ambient, electronica, lounge, experimental and contemporary classical music from around the world.

Why call it Well Made Music? The Futurists (that’s the early 20th century Italian art movement, not the 1980s new romantic UK music movement) wanted to “destroy the prejudice for well-made music”. Notions of harmony in music were to be replaced by expressions of power, force and mechanics. Don’t get me wrong, I admire the work of the Futurists; but I also admire ‘well-made’ music and I’m not ready to see it destroyed just yet. That’s why the podcast is called Well Made Music. Oddly, I feel the Futurists may have approved of the type of ‘well-made’ music featured in the podcast. I do, after all, feature music made using machines.

I am not a musician, my creative area is visual, not aural. However, if I did make music it would probably sound similar to the artists featured on Well Made Music, only not so good.

I play the music because I’m a fan, my small efforts in getting the music out to you is my way of getting involved in and contributing towards the music I enjoy.

I hope you will enjoy listening to Well Made Music.



4 Responses to About Well Made Music

  1. brian says:

    greetings from the middle of Canada in the south west region of Saskatchewan.
    I have really enjoyed your selections of music. There are 2 radio stations out here and that doesnt bode well for anything that is outside mainstream media.
    Not to sound insulting but I am usually listening to your podcasts as I walk my dog out here in the rural Canadian prairie. The evening walks are especially delightfull as your podcast become the sound track of some amazing sunsets. Keep up the great work a guy from the south west corner of Saskatchewan.

  2. Hello Brian

    I’m far from insulted, delighted in fact that Well Made Music is the soundtrack to the Saskatchewan sunset. If you have any pictures of the sun setting send me one and I’ll use it as the image at the top of the blog.

    Keep listening


  3. brian says:

    wow Ive got to get better at finding this site. I heard that you have taken a break, Im currently exploring the alphabetic index of electronica .. if I can figure out the gadgetry I send some S W sask. sunsets your way.. all the best to you

  4. Ian Foxfire says:

    I have to be honest; I became sad when I heard you were taking a break. Please keep doing what you’re doing. I have found so many new and great artists from listening to your podcasts!

    Ian (Sacramento, California)

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