Well Made Music 20

My name is Neil, welcome to Well Made Music.

Well Made Music features ambient, electronica, lounge, experimental and contemporary classical music from around the world.

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Announcement: The 20th podcast seemed to me an appropriate time to take a break from the regular fornightly format. I’ve done what I set out to do and I feel the podcast is now treading water so I’m taking stock and deciding what I want to do next with Well Made Music. There will be more podcasts, they just won’t be as regular as they have been in the past and they will vary in format as I play around with what I want the podcast to do.

If you have any ideas of your own as to how you would like Well Made music to progress, I would love to hear them.

Also, if you are a podcaster yourself and would like to colaborate on a project then that is something I may well be interested in. Again, if you have any ideas I would like to hear them.

Look out for sporadic and changing Well Made Music podcasts to come.

Thank you for listening and stay subscribed.

Music in podcast 20 is as follows:

Artist – Ben Parsons
Song – Shawl
Location – Seattle, USA
Band members – Ben Parsons
Information – I asked Ben to elaborate a little on his music and he replied thus: “As far as my music, and the track Shawl goes, it’s an attempt to fuse constancy and chaos. Think of how beautiful delicate clouds are seemingly unaffected during a terrible earthquake- or the feeling of simultaneously floating on thin air and being pummelled by jealous onlookers… I’ve been known to call it subsidewalk atmospherics and raintempo beatheivery. Don’t take that too seriously, though.”

Artist – Brindisi Paradiso
Song – Ping Pong In Giardino
Location – Italy
Band members – Enrico Ascoli and Marco Foresta
Information – I asked Enrico and Marco to explain Ping Pong in Giardino.
“Gooooooooooood I will download your podcast immediately. Ciao.” Was the response. Perhaps they just didn’t want to say anything, or perhaps things got lost in translation along the way.

Brindisi Paradiso have a nice thing on their Myspace page where if you move your mouse it draws a squiggly line. It’s Gooooooooooood.

Artist – Kalabi
Song – 47 Burning Violins
Location – United Kingdom
Band members – Si Oliver
Information – Things seem to be going well for Si. He says “I’m literally watching the ink dry on an album deal with the Harlequin Recording Group, the album should be out (fingers crossed) in mid june of 2007.”

Artist – Ghost And Tape
Song – 1995
Location – Copenhagen, Denmark
Band members – Hiene
Information – Heine tells me that “1995 is inspired by that time when everything was a little bit easier. When all you had to worry about was showing up at school, what to do on the weekends and where you could score some weed……Ghost and Tape try to capture those feelings of innocence and naivety from lost times….I guess….”

Artist – Workbench
Song – 8 Bit Samples
Location – Ontario, Canada
Band members – Sebastien Marchal
Information – At the time of writing I had not heard back from Sebastien regarding any Workbench activities. Never mind, just visit his website for more workbench info than you can shake a big stick at.
I would like to thank the bands, individuals and labels concerned for the permission to use their work.

Tell me if you like the podcast by leaving a comment on the blog.

Contact by e-mail is at neil@wellmademusic.co.uk


2 Responses to Well Made Music 20

  1. Alan says:

    Argggggh, just heard you are stopping…..!

    I was really genuinely upset to hear you were stopping the regular podcast, personally I find it the most enjoyable and informative one out there, your delivery just brings the whole thing to life and makes it real….

    Please do not stop……..!

  2. spyware detect

    Aww… I just found this blog too! Well best of luck with the projects.

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