Well made Music 19

My name is Neil, welcome to Well Made Music.

Well Made Music features ambient, electronica, lounge, experimental and contemporary classical music from around the world.

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Music in podcast 19 is as follows:

Artist – Keith Fullerton Whitman
Song – Oud Jam
Location – Somerville, MA, USA
Band members – Keith Fullerton Whitman
Information – Anyone with studios called Mathlab and Tracking Room has to be
doing something right.

Artist – Lost In Japan
Song – Little Melody
Location – Iceland
Band members – Lost In Japan are rather quiet on the subject of who they
are. But That’s ok; quiet is good.
– You wouldn’t guess it from the music, but AC/DC are an

Artist – BitterSweet
Song – The Mating Game
Location – Los Angeles, California, USA
Band members – Shana Halligan & Kiran Shahani
Information – Electronica meets the Vegas big band sound. Nice.

Artist – Slow Dancing Society
Song – A Song To Help You Remember To Forget
Location – Spokane, Washington, USA
Band members – Drue Sullivan & Friends
Information – I believe in the past I’ve said Slow Dance Society rather than Slow Dancing Society. Drue says this is “no biggy”  but I apologise nonetheless.

Drue tells me that two albums are in the pipeline. The albums
are concept albums about Winter and Summer respectively. The first one, out
in Autumn, will be a very cold sombre sounding album while the second, to
follow in the Summer, will be something a little warmer in tone.

Thanks to Cam at Hidden Shoal for permision to play Slow Dancing Society on the podcast. Cam has asked me to point you in the direction of Hidden Shoal because it’s the labels 1st birthday (happy birthday from WWM) and they are giving away a new sampler album (with a Slow Dancing Society track on it) as well as other prizes.

Artist – Sirk
Song – Miss You
Location – Sørum, Norway
Band members – Kristian Wølner
Information – Sirk is Kristian Wølner, musician and organic farmer. Sirk uses the interner to collaborate with other artists. Miss You is one such collaboration with lyrics and vocals by Louise Fraser from the UK.

I would like to thank the bands, individuals and labels concerned for the
permission to use their work.

Tell me if you like the podcast by leaving a comment on the blog.

Contact by e-mail is at neil@wellmademusic.co.uk


One Response to Well made Music 19

  1. gabor says:

    Hi Neil

    Good podcast, as ever. I think the format works well, and suits the music. I bet you work quite hard at finding the right blend and running order. The Mating Game was fun, a real “Swing” sound to it. I may have to get hold of that track.

    Did you get my e-mail about another TMIAP?

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