Three men In a Pod 1

Three Men In A Pod no 1

Three Men In A Pod: a collaborative podcast by the makers of the Well Made Music, Three From Leith & The Electrical Language podcasts.

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To listen to the podcast using the streaming player on the Well Made Music myspace page click here.

To download the podcast direct to your computer click here.

Neil – Well Made Music

Chromata – Koita

Davide Arneodo – Il Piccolo Fuoco Fatuo

Under – Keep On Moving

Grant – Three From Leith

Don Lennon – Young People Need Guidance

Freddy – Free

The Martial Arts – Finale

Soundbed was Fumitaka Anzai – SadSequence Part1-2(edited)

Gabor – The Electrical Language Podcast

Starfish64 – On Either Side

Lunascape – Mindstalking

Lazy Sinatra – Why Don’t You Ask You

Soundbed: Torchomatic – White Hotel

Tell me if you like the podcast by leaving a comment on the blog.

Contact by e-mail is at

Neil, Grant and Gabor want to thank all their friends who provided voice tracks for this podcast: Rob, Cynthia, Bruce, Skippy, War-N, Christabelle, Linda, Freddy and Id.


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